Nico’s Barber Shop
Cut and Finish O.A.P Cut*                                                                                       O.A.P Wash and Blow*                                                                   Dry Trim Wet Cut Wash and Blow                                Restyle                                                                                             Colour (inc Cut and finish) O.A.P Full Head*                                                                        Full Head                                                                     Full Head Foil                                                                             Cap Highlights                                                                            Foil Highlights Perms (inc Cut and Finish) O.A.P Perm* Perm Put Ups Put Ups GHD Curls ST Tropez Spray Tan Dark Natural Sienna Spray Tan                                                                      
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Cut and Finish Clipper Cuts Hair Patterns ( Hair Tattoos)
Grooms Party Pamper Brides Party Pamper Prom Hairstyle Race Day Packages
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Cut and Finish O.A.P Trim*                                                                                       Dry Trim                                                                  Fashion Cut and Finish Wet Cut Clipper Cut                                Clipper Patterns                                                                                      Colour Highlights                                                                        Shoeshine                                                                                   Full Head                                                                            Slices                                                                            Hot Towel Cut Throat Shave                                                                      * O.A.P Offers are Monday to Thursday only.
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